Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling?

Counselling is a way of exploring difficulties with someone who is trained. Someone who is professional, not involved, and can therefore be impartial and supportive - helping you to make the best choices and changes in your situation. 

What happens in counselling?

Counselling offers the space to talk freely and confidentially about what is of concern to you. You are in control of the sessions, deciding what you talk about and at what pace.

I will use my skills to support, explore and help you further understand your situation and find a way through. I will also aid you in considering and making choices and changes that are right for you. 

What is Positive Psychology?

American psychologist and positive psychology expert Martin Seligman describes it as 'all the things that make us feel alive and want to get out of bed in the morning'. Positive Psychology is the study of people at their best ie: optimum functioning and flourishing. It is the study of what brings out the best in people, keeps us happy and maintains well-being.

How long does therapy take?

I offer both short term (6 -12 weeks), or longer term therapy.

Whereabouts do you work?

I work from a comfortable, confidential private space in Bradford on Avon (Bath side of town ie: no need to go through BoA). Easy off street free parking.