What I Do

I work in a combined way using strengths from different psychological disciplines including person-focussed, CBT, REBT, Transactional Analysis and psychodynamic approaches. I integrate Positive Psychology with my work, where appropriate, as this supports movement beyond problems and surviving to a place of flourishing and happiness.

  • I focus on you and what is right with you, as well as on what is going wrong right now.

  • I believe that we all have inner resources that, with the right support, can be harnessed and used to help us overcome problems and make changes in our lives.

  • We all need support at times to find a way out, and through difficulties.

  • Many people come to counselling for the first time recognising that they have reached a stage where they cannot make these changes by themselves. I think this is a sign of strength rather than weakness.

  • I believe in the power of each of us to grow and change. I fundamentally don't believe anyone is too old or too set to take a new path.

  • I think change is a choice we all can make at any point in our lives if freely taken. Change helps to keep us young at heart, connected with life and the world.

  • I believe in people's right to happiness. I don't think being unhappy, feeling guilty, angry, depressed or anxious serves anyone, least of all ourselves.

  • It’s worthwhile investment to focus on our well-being and happiness both for ourselves and as a contribution to others.

I work with people who might not normally consider counselling but are experiencing difficulties such as:

  • Low mood- wanting to feel better.

  • Anxiety- stress, panic attacks, over worrying, worrying about specific issues, health anxiety, tendency to catastrophise, social anxiety, procrastination.

  • Problems with difficult people whether they are part of the inner circle of your life (spouse, partner, child, friend or parent) or outer circle (colleagues, work mates, friends).

  • Affairs, separations and divorce.

  • Starting life over again.

  • Addictions- alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex addiction. I am well versed in recovery programmes and also with 12 steps. I can provide emotional and practical support both as a first step or as a support to existing agency provision.

  • Problems from the past - sometimes things from the past haunt us, or are always there in the background.. Therapy can help achieve greater understanding, perspective, support and integration, all contributing to coming to terms with and moving on. Our past shapes us but it doesn't have to define us.

  • Feeling stuck or lost.

  • Work issues - stress, conflicts, colleagues, tribunals.

  • Inner child work - whilst we may be adults on the outside, some of us feel we have parts of us that have not quite grown up and that this is unhelpful. This work helps to recognise and affirm these aspects of ourselves as well as to repair and integrate them, giving us more confidence in our ability to manage difficult or confusing feelings in a confident but self respecting way.

  • Asperger's syndrome.

  • Wanting more out of life.

    Groupwork and Facilitation.

  • Mental Health First Aid Trainer.

  • Personal Development Facilitator HMPS.